10 Sep 2015

This page isn’t finished. Sorry.
Still, this gist is this. We had a problem; I fixed it. Here’s how. (more…)

30 Nov 2014

I couldn’t find a simple online multiplayer Chess game that (1) didn’t require registration, (2) worked on all devices, Mac to PC to mobile, and (3) wasn’t blocked at school for being a “game.” So I made one myself. Check it out.

27 Aug 2014

AKA, this website. All mine, from art to code. This is what went into that. (more…)

23 Jan 2014

Our robotics team has a 60-hour work requirement in order to attend competitions as an official member of the team. What better way to track the requirement than with a program? How about a program that features my first full fledged use of PHP and Mysql? Because here’s that. (more…)