20 Sep 2015

Full info and source code here.
Copied from there:
Camp Log (sign in/out!)
The summer camp I worked at over the summer has a huge problem. Currently, when staff want to sign on or off camp, they need to sift through these boxes full of index cards (sorted loosely by name), cross their fingers and hope they can find their card and then, if all that went well, find a pen to write that they’re signing out recording the time in whatever non-standardized form they want. The whole system was badly disorganized, and it took way too long to sign out and sign in.
It needed to be redone. And this is the redo.
It’s a reactive Meteor app that solves all of the problems of the current iteration. Users can log in (either to the ‘log’ account or to the ‘admin’ account depending on whether or not they want to be able to DELETE data rather than just add to it) and then signing in and out is as simple as typing a name and clicking the button. New users are added in a snap, and the system is smart enough to keep track of the time and know whether your signing in or out. It even keeps a log of all your sign-outs which it can display on demand. Overall super clean, super easy, super simple.
Relevant technologies: Coffeescript, MongoDB, Meteor