13 Apr 2014

So I might’ve messed up. But I think I more than made up for it. Here’s a trophy I 3D printed.

Trophy 1

The finished product

All in good fun, me and a Biology teacher at my school decided to play a little prank on my English teacher. He’d just won a trophy for an in-school basketball game, and this persisted an ongoing rivalry between him and a Math teacher from the other team (the final game of the basketball tournament was the “Hoopmanities” vs the “Parabolics”). We thought it’d be funny if the trophy happened to “show up” in the Math teacher’s room the next day, since the Math teacher may or may not have implied they were capable of such a devious stunt.
The trophy didn’t show up the next day.
Which means I had some explaining to do. And I did. I apologized and felt really bad and promised I’d find the trophy by the end of the month. I couldn’t find it. So my solution was something a bit more creative. Something, I think, that might be able to mostly make up for the prank gone wrong. I figured yeah, his run-of-the-mill cheap plastic trophy was gone. But I could replace it with something much more unique.
Like a customized one-of-a-kind NBA Championship Trophy.
For this, I turned to a bunch of reference images, one royalty free model of a basketball, and Maya. I hadn’t worked with Maya in a very long time, but I was able to pick it up quickly enough for a model as simple as this one. And it all came together. The trophy, along with some inscriptions on the bottom that made it very decidedly mine. You can grab the model, alongside a bunch of .stl exports of it, here.
Trophy Render

A quick shot of the model

Still 3D Printer-less, I ended up printing it on a friend’s Solidoodle. I cut the model into 2 parts, a top half and a bottom half, and later re-attached the halves with some ABS glue. The total print time for the two parts was somewhere in the 12-16 hour range. Still, it all came together, and you can see some of those final product pictures below.
Trophy 1

Trophy picture #1

Trophy 2

Trophy picture #2

Altogether, the print served its purpose. A lot of time went into it, and the end-result was totally worthwhile. The teacher agreed that (although it didn’t entirely make up for losing the other trophy) it came pretty darn close. The print still sits on his desk at school.