30 Oct 2013


written by hunter | Tags: , ,

This one will be very quick. It started in English class, with my teacher telling me his fondest memory from Math class—something about how, if Pi is normal and you assign each coupling of numbers a character on a keyboard, you’ll end up reproducing every written work ever created or ever to be created—and ended later that day in Math class, after 45 minutes of not paying attention and an extra 15 or so fixing up errors at home. The result? A recreation of my English teacher’s fondest memory. A simple web app that spits out digits of Pi (okay, the first few are real and then it’s just randomized) and then encodes every 2 numbers into a character as it goes, spitting out all kinds of random junk.
In theory, it’s every program, every essay, every everything ever created. So I guess that’s pretty impressive, right? Let me know what you think. Pinfinity can be found here. Also, try hitting spacebar while on that page. It’s a bit of an easter egg. That’s all I’ll say.