02 Oct 2013

When I’m not writing, coding, tinkering, building, roboting, or watching Netflix, I’m very often busy captaining my school’s debate team. It’s a big task, with our twice weekly practices often seeing 40 or so debaters. Thus, the process of sorting those debaters into rounds used to be a logistical nightmare, wasting upwards of a half-hour of our two-hour practices. Obviously, that was unacceptable. And so, as I often do, I programmed the solution. Here it is.
The debate sorter is, at it’s core, a very simple javascript-based webpage that allows for the entry of various pairs of debaters (or lone debaters) and then, with a click of a button, tries to find the easiest way of sorting them all into a round based on (basic) skill level and the cases that they have prepared. It turned thirty minutes of logistical organizing into 5 minutes of data entry at the start of practice. I call that a success.
Certainly there’s more that can be done. The actual sorting algorithm isn’t particularly efficient and it does sometimes make bad sorting decisions where better decisions could be made. But it’s an infinite improvement over the alternative. It fixed the problem. There’s probably not much for the average onlooker to gain from looking at it, but I’ll still include the link. Who knows, maybe it could be useful to someone else.
The Basics:
Name: Debate Sorter
Language: HTML/CSS, Javascript
Tools: Cloud9 IDE, jQuery
The Link:
Find it here: