08 Jun 2013

Driver's Log

written by hunter | Tags: , ,

Just a quick toy, this one. While preparing to get my license, I needing (as per CT laws) 40 hours of on-the-road driving experience. All of those hours had to be logged such that I could report them later on. Recording my hours by hand proved too difficult-to-remember a task and so, taking the easy way out, I decided to program a solution. My Driver’s Log was a simple web-app I could open on my phone, start a timer at the beginning of my drive, leave it alone until the end, and then click submit to have all of my hours logged automatically on my phone. I experimented with some other features (like levels for driving in different conditions and maps to track your routes), but at it’s core, the site was simple and effective. Here it is, preserved for all posterity.
The Basics:
Name: Driver’s Log
Language: Plain HTML/CSS, Javascript
Tools: DreamWeaver, jQueryjQuery mobile
The Link:
Fine it right here.