19 Dec 2011

… What’s prevented me from making this post is the very same thing that has stopped me from having any reason to do so. Knowing that isn’t enough information to leave readers anything other than confused, I might as well* elaborate. Fortunately, I’m able to summarize this ever omnipotent and all powerful force into a single, 10 letter word. In fact, the more clever people out there are already quite aware of what I’m talking about. And, if you’re not, you are obviously not a very close reader. Still, if for some reason you can’t quite decipher** the word, let me spell it out for you.
Now, if I had been asked a month or two ago why I wasn’t doing anything truly efficient, I probably would have said I was too busy doing other things that certain people claim are productive, even though they aren’t necessarily going to get me far in life. Well, some of them involve improving skills that I’ll probably need, but I don’t doubt that a large portion of my current work is going to get stored away at the very back of my mind, never to be seen and/or heard from again***.
However, I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that, although I have been pretty busy, my lack of time isn’t the only reason for not working on videogames. Instead, as I might have mentioned before, it has more to do with motivation. Videogame development is similar to many truly great things in life in that it doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t just say “oh, I’m going to make the next [insert great game here]” and expect to be making millions the following Tuesday. No, making games is much more tedious than that.
While I learned through the production of GravX that the final product is always worth the work involved, I can’t deny that there were boring parts that had to be overcome in order to get to the end. Then, when you get to one of the boring parts, it’s going to be difficult to choose development over, say, a nice hour**** of Skyrim. And that, my non-existent readers, is where the problem lies. While I like to think that having more free time would help me be more productive, I think what I really need is some sort of electric shock collar that painfully zaps me any time I double click the icon for a videogame, instead of pressing the one for Flash.
Anyway, that’s all I really have for now. Mainly because, y’know, I haven’t exactly progressed much on any project. Of course, I could go into an article on how to deal with motivation-related issues, but, ironically enough, I don’t quite have the motivation. Anyway, happy holidays from FlipOutGames, now I have to get back to being “productive.”
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Last2Die now features moving blobs! I’ve made progress!
*: if I have too…
**: hint, hint!
***: fine, I’ll agree that maybe it is pretty important anyway…
****: or five