06 Oct 2011


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GravX, while not the first game I programmed from scratch, is—perhaps—the most impressive as of yet. The game itself is a simple puzzle platformer with a gravitational twist, but that’s not what makes it so important to me. GravX is the first game I sold and licensed. It’s the first one that really went through a whole development cycle—from the “hey, I really want to build this thing and build it right” to the finished product. The code itself, I’ve come to learn through more and more experience, is hideous. But it gets the job done. More important than the spaghetti code underneath, however, is the fact that the engine is all mine. I might be able to do it better now (and Fource, I hope, is proof of that), but for what it was, when I did it, GravX was a pretty impressive feat. And I learned a lot along the way.
All that, coupled with the upwards of 200,000 plays and the profitable sale of two non-exclusive licenses (one to MaxGames and one to AddictingGames, where GravX was published May 11, 2012) and, overall, I’d mark GravX as a pretty strong success. Here it is:

The Basics:
Name: GravX
Language: ActionScript 3
Tools: FlashDevelop, Photoshop (graphics), bfxr (sound fx)
The Game:

[game width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”http://hunterlightman.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/GravX_secure-1.swf” title=”GravX” description=”” flash=”true”]


Arrows (or WASD) to move,
Up arrows, W, or Space to jump,
Collide with the arrows to change the direction of gravity,
Reach the blue exit portal at the end of each level