28 May 2011

I got most of the physics done now*. The player moves smoothly and at a variable pace (as opposed to the constant speed from before) and jumping is MUCH more realistic and smooth. Unfortunately, because the game is finally starting to come into shape, I’m going to stop posting live demos. Even though that doesn’t mean much now, since the site has <2 views a day, it’s probably a good idea to get into the habit of not releasing too much gameplay until the game is finished. Apparently, games are much more successful if they’ve had little exposure prior to release, so rather than learn that lesson the hard way, I might as well just follow it from the beginning.
Anyway, next up: bad guys. Basically, they’ll be little circles (final shape yet to be determined) that move forward on their platform until they reach the edge. At that point, they’ll turn around and walk the other way until they reach the other end. Hopefully, I’ll be able to integrate these guys with the dynamic/falling blocks you saw before in order to make some timed puzzles that force the player to switch gravity at precisely the correct moment in order to squash the bad guys (or just make them fall). At this point, I’d say the engine’s completion is about 50%**, but don’t you dare ask for an ETA of the finished game.
*: Emphasis on most… I think I’ve still got a few bugs to squash. Or I could just call the occasional falling through blocks a feature?
**: Things left to do as far as the full game goes are bad guys, exit portals, infinite level support, splash screen/preloader, level editor, full campaign with hi-scores (lowest time), and anything else I can think of.