08 May 2011

DreamScape was a game I started working on a while ago. It was never truly complete, always buggy, and largely lacking in levels; however, since the source files are lost, there’s not much I can do short of starting it over. Not that I’d continue it even if I had the files. It was a neat idea. A fun prototype. But it was also 3 years ago. I’ve grown a lot since then, and I doubt I’d be able to bear wading through the code and Flash IDE work that went into this. Still. I can’t say it was entirely trivial. It was certainly the most independent work I’d done up until that point (that is, more assisted by posts to Stack Overflow than by step-by-step tutorials I found online), and the outcome is even, for all its shortcomings, kind of fun to play around with. So, what the heck. Here’s DreamScape.
The Basics:
Name: DreamScape
Language: ActionScript 3
Tools: Flash IDE, Photoshop
The Game:

Follow ingame instruction