22 Jun 2010

Old site, first games

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And from here we push back into a world that I’m not entirely proud of. All of the projects here were important. This was the tinkering I was doing when I was less than 13—It’d be arrogant of me to say that the sub-par work I did then hasn’t at all influenced me today—but I still need to use the word tinkering more loosely than I’d ever like to use it today. Did I learn from it? A heck of a lot, absolutely. But that manifested itself mostly through changing other people’s code to tailor my means. Fixing up website templates rather than making my own. Modifying the code from other tutorials to make something subtly more improved. Game design based on engines like Multimedia Fusion where most of the legwork is already done in advance and the outcomes aren’t even really that impressive.
The point being, this is my old website. The stuff inside is by no means—by no means—the pinnacle of what I can do. Quite the contrary: It’s just the start. This is where I began. Crawling through the works of others, dabbling into the smallest bits of my own, before I had the means to walk—and then run—for myself. This is a backed up copy of the website only my 12-13 year old mind could create. Below are links to all of the projects you’ll find inside.
The Games:
“GravX” (not actually GravX) – 6/19/10
GravSwitch – Flash game
SuperBreak – .eve download
BlockIt – Flash game
SimpleRPG – .exe download
PlaneSim – .exe download
SpaceSim – .exe download
TubeRacer – .exe download
BrickDodger – Flash game
H4X0R – Flash game
Mythos – Flash game